Smart Financial ParentingTM Workshops Come With Everything You Need to Succeed

What You Get:

  • A 52-page, step-by-step, turnkey presenters’ guide with all you need to know to become a successful presenter.
  • A 29-slide PowerPoint presentation.
  • 15-page handouts with worksheets, exercises, check-lists, tips and techniques to provide powerful takeaways that will leave your attendees charged and well armed to implement effective financial parenting techniques.
  • Real-life anecdotes you can retell during your presentations.
  • Deep discounts on financial parenting books by Jayne you can sell or give to participants.
  • A multitude of marketing materials: sample flyers, press releases,brochures, business cards, invitations and web content.
  • Ongoing personal training, access and support and contact with Jayne Pearl, creator of this financial parenting workshop.
  • Suggested approaches for offering Smart Financial ParentingTM workshops to clients of local CPAs, bankers, attorneys and insurance agents to enhance the potential for cross referrals!
  • Several program and pricing models from which you can choose.

Present the Smart Financial ParentingTM in person or remotely, as a free value-added service, or for a fee:

Right from your home or office, you reach out to clients and prospects and their prospects across the country and globe with rich, relevant content that will engage them and impart valuable advice, while also strengthening your relationships,

You decide whether to charge attendees (and how much), or whether to offer your programs free as a tool to:

  • Generate new hot prospects
  • Enhance your exposure in the local and trade media
  • Differentiate you and your company from competitors
  • Add value to existing clients

Remote Teaching Tools

Connect and Create Value During COVID-19 Crisis

This workshop can be offered online as a webinar using, or other meeting/screen-sharing platform for clients around the country. Presenting remotely is especially timely during the current quarantine, when you and your team as well as many of your clients and prospects might be working at home or laid off.

While in-person workshops or even sales calls are most likely on hold, the good news is that many of us have much more time on our hands. Many of us are experiencing financial stress and the lessons Smart Financial ParentingTM promote will help clients and prospects impart important financial values and literacy to their children or grandchildren.

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Order today and also receive…

  • “Ten Tips to become a more Confident and Effective Speaker” article
  • A 20-minute phone “presentation skills” consult with international keynote speaker Izzy Gesell
  • Ongoing support via access to “office hours” in a Licensee-only private Facebook Room