When the Nest Egg You Helped Your Clients Create Cracks

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Some 57% of consumer respondents have a mostly or very unfavorable view of Wall Street firms according to a 2017 poll by Bloomberg—and that was before the stock market’s more recent plunges.

You have helped clients build what you and they considered, in normal times, a solid nest egg. Now that egg has cracked. Even those with trust funds can no longer trust that their assets will provide for all their wants, let alone needs. No one knows how long the COVID-19 virus will last and how much financial devastation it will leave behind.

The good news is that while you and your clients are spending much more time at home with families, it’s more important than ever that you help clients help their children develop crucial financial values and skills to help them manage amid fear and uncertainty.

Licensing the Smart Financial ParentingTM program provides a way to break through this crisis of trust by distancing and differentiating yourself and your firm from product-pushers while creating a more personal and humane image of your practice. The program can help you become a trusted advisor to your clients.