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Jayne Pearl is a journalist and entertaining speaker, focusing on family business and financial parenting. In addition to creating the Smart Financial ParentingTM workshop licensing program, she is author of Kids and Money: Giving Them the Savvy to Succeed Financially (Bloomberg Press) and Kids and Money Guidebook series, co-author of Kids, Wealth and Consequences: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation. Jayne also has co-authored or ghost-written more than ten other books.

As the mother of a now-grown son, Ryan Hommel, Jayne has raised a successful full-time musician who knows how to live within his means, actively saves and has no credit-card debt. Since age eight, Ryan served as Jayne’s guinea pig as she researched a wrote her Kids and Money book, stress-testing now time-proven techniques for instilling positive financial values, skills and discipline and addressing his tough questions such as: “How much money do you make?” and “Is a car an asset or a liability?”

Jayne began her career at Forbes magazine. As former senior editor of Family Business magazine, she has contributed for 20 years. In addition to launching a successful newsletter for management guru Tom Peters (of In Search of Excellence acclaim), Jayne has written hundreds of articles about family business, financial parenting, personal finance and business management. She has also appeared on PBS, CNBC’s Power Lunch, NPR and CNN, and been quoted in publications such as the Christian Science Monitor, Reuters, Forbes, Parenting, Real Simple, Working Mother and US News & World Report.

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Jayne Pearl


Funny Money: More Fun with Cliches!

A hilarious children’s books that follows little Bit Coyne as she hears her parents, Buck and Penny, using money cliches that Bit imagines literally.

Kids and Money Guide to Learning Capital: How to Structure Strategic Allowance, Develop Incentives to Save and Teach Basics of Investing 

  • How to structure strategic allowance
  • The dole system
  • Gift money rules
  • Smart saving incentives
  • Investing for tots to teens

Kids and Money Guide to Smart Spending: Teaching Accountability for Cash Credit and the Consumer-Driven Culture

  • Budget basics
  • The “cost of cool”
  • Countering our consumer-driven society
  • Understanding and using credit cards wisely
  • Teaching accountability for cash
  • Guiding big little spenders

KIDS and MONEY Guide to Shrinking Your Family’s Carbon Footprint: 102 Tips to a Greener Planet and Pocketbook

  • Help save the planet and your pocketbook at the same time
  • Almost painless ways to conserve energy, water and other resources
  • How to avoid chemicals that are toxic to you and the environment
  • Track your savings in terms of resources and mMoney

KIDS, WEALTH, AND CONSEQUENCES: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation

  • Helps high net worth parents combat entitlement, incompetence, and ennui
  • Addresses kids’ financial, social, emotional and spiritual capital
  • Guides parents to create a lifestyle in which their children will grow up to be well balanced, competent, confident and productive.