What do licensees of the Smart Financial ParentingTM program get?

Licensees receive: a guidebook that details all you need to present workshops to your clients and prospects; PowerPoint presentation; handouts with exercises and worksheets for attendees; templates for invitations and press releases; answers to Q&As from past attendees; a free digital copy of Jayne Pearl’s Kids and Money Guidebook and “Ten Tips to Become a More Confident and Effective Speaker” article; and “Five Secrets for Effective Workshop Marketing.” You also receive a one-hour private phone consultation with Smart Financial ParentingTM creator Jayne Pearl and a 20-minute free consultation with international keynote speaker Izzy Gesell.

What if I need support with any part of the program?

As mentioned above, licensees receive a private one-hour consultation to help you launch your program and address your questions. Licensees will also be notified when Jayne Pearl’s licensees-only Facebook Room will be set up for weekly “office hours” when licensees can video chat with Jayne Pearl and other licensees who attend, to discuss issues and questions they may have, about the content of the program or technical aspects of presenting the program online. You can also email Jayne Pearl any time to ask questions and schedule a phone appointment if you need extra help.

Will it take a long time to learn how to deliver the workshop?

It should take five to ten hours to familiarize yourself with the program content, practice runs presenting the slides and leading handout exercises, and watching a tutorial about hosting private and public sessions on your preferred online webinar platform.

Do licensees need to be experts in personal finance to present this program?

No! The guidebook that comes with your license includes scripts about how to present each of the program’s PowerPoint slides. It also includes a list of questions your attendees may ask (which attendees has posed during Jayne Pearl’s many years of offering this program), along with suggested answers.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

Author/speaker Jayne Pearl is offering materials she developed while researching her books and presenting her workshops for almost 20 years. The content includes statistics, anecdotes and exercises for attendees that would take even experienced professionals months, if not years, to create on their own. 

How much does it cost to license the Smart Financial ParentingTM Workshop?

A one-year license costs $1,500 per person, a fraction of the price of Jayne presenting the workshop one time. Discounts for multiple people and multi-year licenses are as follows:

1 license:

for 1 year = $1,500; for 2 years = $2,700; for 3 years = $3,800; perpetual = $5,000

2 to 5 licenses:

for 1 year = $3,000; for 2 years = $5,400; for 3 years = $7,600; perpetual = $10,000

For discounts on larger numbers of licenses for professionals in your organization, please contact our offices at jayne@jaynepearl.com.

How many times can I present the Smart Financial ParentingTM Workshop?

Licensees can present the program as many times as they want during the license period.

Will my company’s compliance department have any problems with the workshop material?

The guidebook, slides and handout pages have been reviewed by the compliance department of a major regional brokerage firm, and determined that it does not to violate any FINRA regulations. However, if your compliance department requires changes to any of program materials, Jayne will revise the slides and handouts accordingly.

What are tangible benefits of licensing this workshop?

Presenting the Smart Financial ParentingTM program yourself sets you apart from competitors by:

  • Connecting more personally with your clients while many have more time and more concerns about their business and their family.
  • Adding value to existing clients by addressing issues that can derail the next generation .
  • Generating new prospects and providing exposure to them in a low-key but high-impact manner.
  • Establishing you as an authority on financial literacy.
  • Branding you as a caring adviser, concerned about your clients’ entire family.
  • Enabling you to develop a relationship with the next generation, which can help minimize turnover during family or business transitions.
  • Positioning you a go-to expert with local and trade press looking for quotes in their articles.

What if I have no public-speaking experience?

The Smart Financial ParentingTM Guidebook and ongoing support opportunities will help you develop
skills and confidence you need to be an effective presenter, whether online using one of many webinar platforms, or, when possible, in person.