How’s Your Prospecting Going?

The Truth About How to Find Decision Makers in B2B Sales (Part 1 ...

During this period of quarantine consultants, advisors, parenting and life coaches are having to reach out via online platforms instead of in person. However, many of these professionals lack fresh, compelling content they can present live as part of their efforts to connect and upsell to existing clients, and prospect for new business. This negatively impacts their efforts to prospect for new clients, as well as their ability to maintain and strengthen their bonds with existing clients.

A recent Fidelity Investments survey of financial advisors found that just over half said remote prospecting they’ve done since quarantine began has yielded below-average results, while 74 percent of those using multi-platforms such as email, phone, social media and videos report average or above-average results. However, about 90 percent of respondents who use at least one digital marketing tactic feel their efforts are not effective due to their lack of digital skills and resources.

The Smart Financial Parenting TM/SM licensing workshop program provides digital resources including PowerPoint slides, attendee handouts and worksheets, plus a step-by-step instructional guidebook. The workshop can be delivered to individual clients, their partners and young adult children, or larger groups of clients and prospects. You can present the program via most webinar platforms. After quarantine, the programs can also be delivered in person.

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