Keep Bears and Bulls at Bay

The defining characteristic of bears is that they hibernate as soon as the climate cools. You might say they handle external stress by trying to avoid reality. While that’s understandable (who wouldn’t prefer to sleep through the global pandemic?) it’s not a recipe for these troubled times. At least not for humans!

In comparison, bulls charge through obstacles. They operate on brute force and sometimes reckless optimism. During this pandemic, when most of us are forced to shelter at home, you neither want to fall asleep at the wheel nor bulldoze your way through the economic, social and medical minefield.

But there’s a third option. As futurist Daniel Burrus puts it in his Strategic Insights” blog, “Those who have learned how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen, know that the exponential spread of the virus is a Soft Trend; it can be changed by strategies such as social distancing and locking down the movement of people.” He explains, “…because everyone is hurting, there are enormous new ways to make a bigger difference as an individual and as a business.

While others “wait and see,” Anticipatory Leaders and individuals are discovering new ways to become indispensable by way of using Hard Trends to identify the things they are certain about, and using the confidence that comes from certainty to make bold moves and seize the opportunity to shift from being a successful organization to a significant one that serves society in amazing new ways.”

The Smart Financial ParentingTM licensing program is one way you can become indispensable to our clients. You can use the program to present webinars for clients and prospects via Zoom or other online meeting platform, or hold one-on-one cyber meetings. In both cases, you can walk your clients through each slide to help them focus on how to develop financial resilience, literacy and values in their children or grandchildren, using tools of allowance, budgeting, and saving more strategically.