The Time Is Right

The Time is Right If parents are not talking with their children about money—financial literacy, skills, values and discipline, especially in today’s climate of uncertainty and fear, they absolutely should be.In a recent article in Barron’s ( writer Sarah Max points out, “Talking about financial ‘feelings’ might seem indulgent when so many people are worried about basic needs. Yet, it’s during pivotal moments like these, say financial advisors and behavioral psychologists, that families can have productive conversations about what they care about as individuals and where their priorities overlap.” I’d go one step further: if advisors (as well as business consultants, life and parenting coaches, estate planners, accountants) are not talking with their clients about financial parenting, values and skills, they should be. As Max says, “…. Values determine how we manage our time and money, which are limited resources even for those who have an abundance of both.”0People Reached0EngagementsBoost Post

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